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And the winner is… & October Recrap

So congratulations to Jasper2489 from The Gem Seekers blog who is the winner of the super sausage doglet fridge magnet.  YAY!  🙂 And moving along to the top 5 most viewed posts for October (pretty sure I could just copy and paste last months, and the months before…) Number 5 spot goes to the GIVEAWAY – to … Continue reading

September Recrap … same, same but different.

So the top 5 most viewed of my blog posts are again about this same this month as last month. A new entry this month in 5th place is I’m a winner! (Very Inspiring Blogger Award), how nice to be nominated for this pay-it-forward recognition! Menus at Hong Kong Disneyland drops back to 4th place this month. … Continue reading

August Recrap – and now for something completely different … or not?

Top 5 most viewed of my blog posts are about this same this month as last month. In 5th place a bunch of Kiwi’s and Australian’s checking up on cheap Disneyland tickets – Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers In 4th place is a recent posting, Mickey’s Mates – shopping on the Disney Wonder Cruise … Continue reading

July Recrap – same old, same old…

So I was hoping that July might be a little more interesting in most popular posts but nope, you guess it… its all about shopping at Disney again… sigh. Coming in fifth place is Duffy the Disney Bear – Tokyo Disneyland Resort – seriously people, what is with Duffy? I don’t get the appeal.  Nasty little … Continue reading

June Recrap – Shopping still popular at Disney & old photos

My top 5 blog postings for June were as follows – 5 Travelling Alone & Keeping Safe – some practical safety advice when travelling alone. 4 10 tips for a stress free Disney trip – having a great trip to Disney needs a bit of planning and strategy.  Else just follow these 10 tips to have a … Continue reading

May Recrap & Disney is a landslide winner!

Wow, what a bunch of Disney geeks enthusists you all are! The 5th most viewed post in May was originally was posted back in January.  Also note, as confirmed by a recent Podcast I listened to, this does also apply to Australians visiting Disneyland! 5.  Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers I am guessing … Continue reading

April Recrap … Frozen still popular and the Qantas meal saga!

Top 5 blog posts in number of views (in reverse order) were as follows – My second part of the Qantas airline meals saga. 5) Qantas meals – round two… vegetarian or… ?   Practical travel information for those who suffer through long haul flights. 4) 10 essentials on a long haul flight   This one … Continue reading

March 2014 recrap – lesbian reindeer porn is the winner!

As per February recrap, the top 5 most viewed posts (in reverse order) were as follows (just in case you missed them) – 5) Grandad’s WWII Diary – Introduction Just before I started this project, which I suspect will me longer to transcribe than my grandfather served, was the introduction to my Grandad’s War diary.   4) Cruising … Continue reading

February 2014 – recrapping my blog

Most people I know, say I talk a lot of sh*t, so I thought it was appropriate to recrap my blog 😉 So which posts in February did you, my readers like most?  That I don’t know, but I can tell you which were the top 5 posts in terms of viewing- 1) Ruby schmoo, my … Continue reading

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