February 2014 – recrapping my blog

Most people I know, say I talk a lot of sh*t, so I thought it was appropriate to recrap my blog 😉

So which posts in February did you, my readers like most?  That I don’t know, but I can tell you which were the top 5 posts in terms of viewing-

1) Ruby schmoo, my stinky moo – ANOTHER one way trip to the vet…

By far was this the most viewed post.  I had people email me and say to me in person that I made them cry.   That wasn’t my aim, but to know something I wrote, moved people to tears – thank you for joining me in my grief!

2) Do you have a survival kit? We do, and we used it…

Ok this one surprised the heck out of me!  I thought, ho-hum, not interesting topic but that it was practical and might kick someone into action.  It was then reblogged by two other bloggers (thank you!).

3) Christchurch Rocks! Earthquakes … 3 years on 

Probably not a surprise this ranked high on the list as it touched a nerve with a lot of my friends who shared on their Facebook walls (thank you!)

4) “Oh you are so lucky” … really?

For anyone that is fed up with being told they are “lucky” when luck had little or nothing to do with their particular success.

5) Want to travel light to a developing country? Here’s a good reason not to…

A different view on the whole travelling light, especially when going to a developing country.

So what will next month bring?  Definitely some more trip planning for Hong Kong, the final in the series of blog posts about dogs I have loved and probably a bit more Disney and more from Laos.


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