“Oh you are so lucky” … really?

Good Things Come to Those Who ... Go Out and Earn It
Good Things Come to Those Who … Go Out and Earn It

I can’t tell you how many times people say “Oh you are so lucky” because I travel overseas frequently.

I can’t quite see where luck comes into it.  I have worked hard to get myself educated and trained in my chosen career.  I worked full time while completing my degree.  My partner and I both lived at home until we were in our mid-20s to save a deposit on our first home.   We then threw every spare cent we had at our mortgage, literally every week, so we could be mortgage free in the soonest possible time.   I work long hours, do evening and weekends work to earn extra annual leave and/or overtime money.

I choose not to drink, smoke, do drugs or eat meat.  All of these are huge expenses.  Many of my belongings are second hand including my clothing.   My usual weekend is spent either working or sitting at home quietly reading a book.  I don’t recall the last time we went out for a meal.  We extravagantly buy burgers and chips about once a week and maybe eat a quick takeaway lunch occassionally.

So with all this “luck” I have, over a period of time, I accumulate “savings“.  Savings are an apparently old-fashioned notion where you put aside money each time you get paid for something you want.  With these “savings” I pay for my holidays.

Even on holiday, we don’t usually choose expensive hotels or dine out.   I’ll often shop around for a good deal on hotels, rental cars etc.  Rarely will we eat in a restaurant while we are away, unless its a developing country.  In western countries, we often will get takeaways or eat at a mall foodcourt, of even grab something at supermarket.

Souveniers are something other people spend their money on.  I’m not saying I won’t buy a reminder of a place I’ve been, but its more likely to be something practical or something I will wear.

I consider myself lucky to live in a country where I have the ability to earn an income in my chosen field, so I won birth lottery, but so did everyone else who always says this to me.   So I guess I am “lucky” but not in the way that they mean.


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