May Recrap & Disney is a landslide winner!

Wow, what a bunch of Disney geeks enthusists you all are!

The 5th most viewed post in May was originally was posted back in January.  Also note, as confirmed by a recent Podcast I listened to, this does also apply to Australians visiting Disneyland!

5.  Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers

I am guessing some of you are going to, or wanting to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, as you were looking for travel tips for visiting there.

4. Tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

Also another one from January hit the top 5 posts this month, this time, at #3 you wanted to know about the disappointment of shopping at Tokyo Disney (but the rest of the experience was amazing!).  I have said it before and I will say it again, you NEED to go to Tokyo Disneyland!

3. Tokyo Disneyland Resort Merchandise… sigh…

After all that reading (or were you just looking at the pictures?), you must have been getting a little hungry as you were keen to see what food was on offer back over in Hong Kong Disneyland!

2. Menus at Hong Kong Disneyland

And the top post, with 50% more views that any other post in the last 30 days by a landslide is…

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

Coming up in June… more Grandad’s diary (yes I sound like a broken record on this one), more travel including Auckland, more Disney and Disney Cruise Line.  And say goodbye to Hong Kong as I’ve done my dash on that one.


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