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The Versatile Bloggers Award – I’m collecting the whole set! :-)

This award comes from the blog Dorian’s Hand.  Thank you very much! Please do check out her cute blog about growing up in this big wide world. Also be sure to check out some of the nominations I have made below – there are some great blogs out there, and as usual it was hard to create this … Continue reading

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Thanks very much for the nomination for this award from Jo from Eclectic Feel which is a great online magazine style blog about art, health, beauty, music, books, craft, DIY and much more – something for everyone.  Please do check out her great blog and also some of the nominations I have made below – so many to … Continue reading

And the winner is… & October Recrap

So congratulations to Jasper2489 from The Gem Seekers blog who is the winner of the super sausage doglet fridge magnet.  YAY!  🙂 And moving along to the top 5 most viewed posts for October (pretty sure I could just copy and paste last months, and the months before…) Number 5 spot goes to the GIVEAWAY – to … Continue reading

September Recrap … same, same but different.

So the top 5 most viewed of my blog posts are again about this same this month as last month. A new entry this month in 5th place is I’m a winner! (Very Inspiring Blogger Award), how nice to be nominated for this pay-it-forward recognition! Menus at Hong Kong Disneyland drops back to 4th place this month. … Continue reading

August Recrap – and now for something completely different … or not?

Top 5 most viewed of my blog posts are about this same this month as last month. In 5th place a bunch of Kiwi’s and Australian’s checking up on cheap Disneyland tickets – Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers In 4th place is a recent posting, Mickey’s Mates – shopping on the Disney Wonder Cruise … Continue reading

July Recrap – same old, same old…

So I was hoping that July might be a little more interesting in most popular posts but nope, you guess it… its all about shopping at Disney again… sigh. Coming in fifth place is Duffy the Disney Bear – Tokyo Disneyland Resort – seriously people, what is with Duffy? I don’t get the appeal.  Nasty little … Continue reading

May Recrap & Disney is a landslide winner!

Wow, what a bunch of Disney geeks enthusists you all are! The 5th most viewed post in May was originally was posted back in January.  Also note, as confirmed by a recent Podcast I listened to, this does also apply to Australians visiting Disneyland! 5.  Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers I am guessing … Continue reading

April Recrap … Frozen still popular and the Qantas meal saga!

Top 5 blog posts in number of views (in reverse order) were as follows – My second part of the Qantas airline meals saga. 5) Qantas meals – round two… vegetarian or… ?   Practical travel information for those who suffer through long haul flights. 4) 10 essentials on a long haul flight   This one … Continue reading

I’d like to thank my mother, my father, the academy… (Liebster Award)

A few weeks ago, Anna of Kiwi Girl Attempting Italian very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I’d never heard of it previously but basically its paying it forward in the blogging community, by highlighting other blogs that you like to your readers.  Thank you Anna for liking my blog! What is the Liebster Award? … Continue reading

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