July Recrap – same old, same old…

So I was hoping that July might be a little more interesting in most popular posts but nope, you guess it… its all about shopping at Disney again… sigh.

Coming in fifth place is Duffy the Disney Bear – Tokyo Disneyland Resort – seriously people, what is with Duffy? I don’t get the appeal.  Nasty little beast needs his stuffing removed.

Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travelers still popular with those who I am assuming are planning their winter holidays and aiming for somewhere warmer.  This is a good deal for NZ and Australian residents – especially considering the recent price increases on Disneyland tickets.

A new post in at third position Cruising to Alaska – hints and tips for cruisers and shopping scams!  This one rocketed up the stats chart and I only posted it yesterday!

Number 2 in popularity (still) Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise.

And again at number 1, the ever popular post on Tokyo Disneyland Resort Merchandise… sigh… Why oh why doesn’t Disney have better shopping Tokyo Disneyland when it’s obviously extremely popular?

Coming up in August, Grandad’s diary, Alaska and Vancouver and for a change probably more Disney 😉



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