September Recrap … same, same but different.

So the top 5 most viewed of my blog posts are again about this same this month as last month.

A new entry this month in 5th place is I’m a winner! (Very Inspiring Blogger Award), how nice to be nominated for this pay-it-forward recognition!

Menus at Hong Kong Disneyland drops back to 4th place this month.

Up two places into 3rd is  Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers

And once again, the same old favourites from last month Tokyo Disneyland Resort Merchandise… sigh… came in 2nd again with Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise coming in at 1st place (again).

Coming up in October will be the last of the Dunedin posts, Grandad’s diary as they move into Syria, some odds and ends travel items along with some trip planning.



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