The Versatile Bloggers Award – I’m collecting the whole set! :-)

versatile-blogger-awardThis award comes from the blog Dorian’s Hand.  Thank you very much!

Please do check out her cute blog about growing up in this big wide world.

Also be sure to check out some of the nominations I have made below – there are some great blogs out there, and as usual it was hard to create this short list so I have tried to pick those that I consider “versatile“.


– Show the award on your blog
– Thank the person who nominated you
– Share 7 facts about yourself
– Nominate 15 blogs
– Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

Facts about me:

  1. I am vegetarian
  2. I love bright colours
  3. I think I might be a hipster, but I’m too scared to ask
  4. I work in IT and I love my job
  5. I used to love to read, but then I found WordPress and haven’t read a book since – true story
  6. I’m pretty sure the correct number of sausage doglets is N+1
  7. Project Runway is my favourite TV show

I nominate the following 15 blogs:


As always, no pressure, and none of these blogs/bloggers are obligated in any way to do anything about this award should they not wish to do so.




  1. Congratulations on another award! And thanks for the nomination. I’m truly grateful, and will ponder what I might do or not do about it. I’m also happy to see some of my blogging friends on your list!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, I just saw it now :/ I already have this one and I fear that I’ll start getting on people’s nerves with answering questions and posting facts for awards over and over again, so I won’t post it again, but I do want to thank you for thinking of me and mentioning my blog.
    But I will post my facts here for you:
    1. I collect blogging awards 🙂
    2. I celebrate each new award like it was an Oscar
    3. I LOVE cheese, even the stinky one
    4. but I could instantly vomit when thinking of a cheese named “casu marzu” (enjoy to find out what that is:
    5. I actually have friends who eat casu marzu and consider it the best thing on earth
    6. I’ve killed dozens of plants so far, my apartment is obviously toxic
    7. but I’m great in gardening, I live from my own vegetables
    Have a nice day and thank you 🙂

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