And the winner is… & October Recrap

Dachshund fridge magnet
Dachshund fridge magnet

So congratulations to Jasper2489 from The Gem Seekers blog who is the winner of the super sausage doglet fridge magnet.  YAY!  🙂

And moving along to the top 5 most viewed posts for October (pretty sure I could just copy and paste last months, and the months before…)

Number 5 spot goes to the GIVEAWAY – to celebrate 1000 followers – dachshund fridge magnet – this one surprised me! 🙂   But seriously, look at it!  Its so cute!

Number 4 post was Cheap Disneyland tickets – for New Zealand travellers.  Also valid for Australians.

Menus at Hong Kong Disneyland back up into 3rd place again this month.

And once again, the same old favourites from last month (and the month before and so on)  Tokyo Disneyland Resort Merchandise… sigh… came in 2nd again with Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise coming in at 1st place (again).  Did I mention again?

Coming up in November will be Grandad’s diary as they return from Syria as things heat up at the battle for Alamein, some more odds and ends travel items including Disney.



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