June Recrap – Shopping still popular at Disney & old photos

My top 5 blog postings for June were as follows –

5 Travelling Alone & Keeping Safe – some practical safety advice when travelling alone.

4 10 tips for a stress free Disney trip – having a great trip to Disney needs a bit of planning and strategy.  Else just follow these 10 tips to have a better trip.

3 Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise – still popular this month, mostly from Google searches.

2 I inherited my grandparents holiday photos – what I have learnt… – who would have thought my grandparents crappy old slides would have been of interest… but there you go 🙂

1 Tokyo Disneyland Resort Merchandise… sigh…  – and still more shopping at Disney but Tokyo is getting the interest over Hong Kong.  Pity the merchandise selection was so crappy…  Are you listening Tokyo Disneyland?

Coming up in July we have some more Grandad’s diary including some photos he took while he was serving in North Africa which are really interesting.  Also Disney Cruise line, Disneyland, Alaska and Vancouver.  With a smattering of what I fancy thrown into the mix.


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