If there really was a zombie apocalypse …

Before I do anything, I ask myself, would Andrea do that? And if if the answer is "yes" I do not do that thing.

I love watching The Walking Dead, its one of my favourite TV shows.  But if it was reality, I’m amazed any of them have survived this long.  Most of them seem to have a death wish.  Wandering off alone, not doing the obvious like stopping and listening.  Lets face it, the zombies are stupid, and they are noisy – wouldn’t you just stop and listen?

What is with going into buildings and leaving the door open?  Any walkers in the building are a finite number.  Once you have popped them off, you are home and dry for as long as you like.

I’m also pretty sure that between the crying women and men so wrapped up in their own misery, where no one seems to be able to make a decision, I would be starting to think the walkers make much better company.  I think I’m with Michonne on that one, a couple of “tame” walkers and your off.  How she ever spent that much time with Andrea, I will never know.

I keep thinking that they just aren’t using their common sense but then I realise that no one in our reality seems to either, so perhaps it is accurate?

I’d be setting up trip wires and noise activation system so you hear them coming, I wouldn’t be staying out in the open either when there are obviously enough fairly comfortable buildings around.  I’d be fortifying one of those with a series of booby traps.

And where are all the cats?  I can’t get near my neighbours cats, so I’m pretty darn sure they would be everywhere by now.  They’d be surviving this very nicely as no doubt rats and mice are having a blast.  Wild cats should be everywhere, not to mention a few packs of stray dogs.

And then I remember its fiction and Daryl Dixon isn’t about to roar up the street on his bike with his crossbow… reality sucks sometimes.



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