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Cheap-skate business travel

I hate waste – food, money, time – it all drives me nuts. In the last month or so I have taken two trips to work in Auckland. Typically my colleagues stay in a serviced apartment, but the choice is ours, as long as we stay within a reasonable budget. As an experiment, I decided … Continue reading

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is right in the middle of the city in the expansive Auckland Domain, its an imposing building right on the top of the hill. Originally built in the 1920s as a memorial to those who lost their lives or served in World War 1, it was expanded to also provide … Continue reading

News Flash – White girl goes to south Auckland & returns safely

I am a white Kiwi of English and Scottish decent. However I’m well travelled and consider myself open minded and accepting of all people regardless of colour, religion, gender, sexuality or star sign. So while in Auckland I had the pleasure of visiting a client in Otahuhu, a suburb in South Auckland. South Auckland has … Continue reading

Doglet socks

I think I have a new favourite pair of socks! Found these in Auckland’s Smith & Caughey’s department store.  I think its the most money I’ve ever spent on a single pair of socks!

Freyberg Square – Auckland, New Zealand

Lord Freyberg statue in Freyberg Square – Auckland, New Zealand Wandering around Auckland last week, I unexpectedly came across Freyberg Square and this statue of Lord Freyberg.  When my grandfather served in World War 2, he recounts in his diary (entry on 14 July 1941) that the troops were inspected by General Freyberg. Freyberg was born in London … Continue reading

Vegetarian Dining in Central Auckland

Recently I was in Auckland for work.   Auckland is pretty easy to find vegetarian food in, though it was more Chinese and South East Asian style food rather than Indian which I usually would aim for.  Though this was fine and made an interesting change. My first lunch when I arrived was at the … Continue reading

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