Running – I’m not fast and it’s not pretty

These runners you see bounding along the street making it look easy – they are freaks.  After two years of running 4km – usually 3 times a week – it has never got easier.   I had visions when I started running of sprinting down the street – the equivalent of a human gazelle… reality not so much. Continue reading Running – I’m not fast and it’s not pretty

I am average, and its ok!

Although I try to avoid advertising, its impossible to escape from the seemingly contact barage of adverts trying to make us buy products to make us younger, more beautiful and slimmer. I can only assume that some people are really stupid enough to fall for this bullshit? There is no miracle cream or pill that will make you look like you a slim, gorgeous 20 year old.  With the advent of Photoshop, even the models used to sell the products don’t really look like they do in the ads. And why would I want to look like that anyway?  If … Continue reading I am average, and its ok!