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Wordless Wednesday – Never buy supermarket brand sanitary items


Hase Kannon Temple (Hasedera) – Kamakura, Japan

On our day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura, one of the Buddhist temples we visited was Hase Kannon Temple, also known as Hasedera. This temple was especially poignant as in the grounds are thousands of little statues called Jizo.  These are used by parents mourning the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. The gardens … Continue reading

Freyberg Square – Auckland, New Zealand

Lord Freyberg statue in Freyberg Square – Auckland, New Zealand Wandering around Auckland last week, I unexpectedly came across Freyberg Square and this statue of Lord Freyberg.  When my grandfather served in World War 2, he recounts in his diary (entry on 14 July 1941) that the troops were inspected by General Freyberg. Freyberg was born in London … Continue reading

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