Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday April 10th (cont.) & Friday April 11th 1941

Thursday (cont.)Click here for diary entry for Wednesday April 9th & Thursday April 10th

Had our vaccination this morning. Did not hurt.

No leave at all while in Sydney.

Queen Elizabeth does not look near big as I expected her. Painted grey all over.

Saw my first camouflaged warship do not know what she is but will find out.

Many overseas boats berthed here.

Sydney by night is one of the most beautiful sights ever seen. There are hundreds of lights all colours. Bridge looks very well has rows of yellow lights along bottom. The ferry boats look like glow worms moving along. Several search lights played about all night. I can pick Q Elizabeth rather well. Has a few lights on. Can look all round harbour and see one mass of lights.

??? one yellow blaze over skyscrapers. Anchored out from Rose Bay and off Garden Island.

Friday April 11th (Good Friday)

6th Day

Queen Elizabeth pulled out at 7am. Then the Ile de France went next with ??? troops.

Click here for diary entry for Friday April 11th (cont) & Saturday April 12th 1941



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