Disneyland Forever Fireworks

Back in May, Disneyland debuted their new fireworks display to celebrate the 60th, entitled Disneyland Forever.  Disney quite simply has completely ruined me for all other fireworks displays, which pale into a poor substitute.

One of the cool things about the new show is that depending where you are situated for viewing is that you can actually experience a slightly different show.

We got to see the show twice.  The first time following Fantasmic by the Rivers of America.  From this location, we could hardly see the effects on the Matterhorn and Tinkerbell and Nemo were hard to make out due to the trees in the way.  However this location had snow falling during the Frozen section.

The second time we saw it from the hub with a fantastic vantage point of the castle and the Matterhorn and could clearly it transform into Mt Wanahakalugi for the Finding Nemo part.

My understanding is Main Street locations and also near It’s a Small World are also good spots as they use these locations for other effects also.

So a few fireworks pics and a further down, a short video of the Lion King’s Circle of Life section.  This was a huge favourite with the crowd and on both of our viewings there were cheers when this part started.

IMG_6596 IMG_6919 IMG_7213 IMG_7268




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