Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday 28th May – Monday 31st May 1943

May 28 - 31

Click here for entry for Monday 24th May – Thursday 27th May 1943

Friday May 28

Day 782

Last day on sister’s compound.  Pay parade then swim – another large convoy passed through canal, escorts as well as cargo boats.

Saturday May 29

Day 783

Free day.  Did little washing in morning, swim in afternoon.  Today I walked back from canal.  Distance about three miles taking nearly fifty minutes.  Not the best of ground as in place very loose sand and salty marshes.  Received further two parcels sent through T.A Cook.  Believe from Marg & Erin & Rona.  Contents will be very handy.  At night played a few games of housey then to bed.

(Marg was his girlfriend who he married after the war and became my grandmother.  Erin, or Ern and Rona have been mentioned a number of times in past diary entries, I have no idea who they were as I don’t recall him ever speaking of them.)

Sunday May 30

Day 784

South American George (1941)
South American George (1941)

Spent morning in bed reading.  Swim in afternoon at walking back afterwards.  This hiking back is just the thing to colour one up – only walk back in bathing short – then change in shorts before arriving at hospital grounds.   At mess received 7 letters, 3 Marg’s, 2 Mum’s, 1 Mima’s & 1 Mrs Wootton.  Another few games of housey then went to pictures at the Con. Depot seeing George Formby in “South American George” – quite good.  Returned going on guard at midnight.

(Mima was his sister and Mrs Wootton was his girlfriend Marg’s mother)

Monday May 31

Day 785

Up fairly early doing washing & sitting in sun.  Afternoon usual swim & walking back afterwards.  Evening commenced writing on Marg’s letter.  Today received two parcels…

Click here for entry for Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 1943



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