Visiting Hoi An (part 2)

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Blurb repeated from previous entry so skip to the photos if you read the first one 😉

When we did our Royal Carribean cruise back in July, for the second cruise we had two stops in Vietnam. One of these was Hoi An which is situated on Vietnam’s central coast.  Mum and I had previously visited Vietnam back in 2004 and Hoi An was one of our favourite stops.  Not so much for the custom made clothing, which the town is now known for, but the quaint little buildings and numerous historic temples and sites around the old city.  From the Chinese temples to the Japanese bridge, the French colonial buildings and the Vietnamese architecture, its a photographers delight.  Photographer I’m not, but it was enough to keep me entertained with my iPhone camera.

For our shore excursion we selected one that was simply a transfer from the ship to Hoi An, old city entrance tickets, and then a scheduled return later back to the ship, it was a no-brainer for our ashore day.  From memory it was around $60.

As its hot and very few places are airconditioned in Hoi An, the 3 or so hours we had to explore was plenty.  If you are a keen shopper, you probably wouldn’t have got very far, but we enjoyed trying to hit as many of the ancient sites we could squish into our time allotment, and still had time for a sit down and cool drink before our return coach ride back to the buffet ship.



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