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Wordless Wednesday – How long should I cook this for?


On the hunt for decent takeaways – Hello Vietnam Restaurant – Riccarton

A freezing cold winter night, storms-a-comin’ … takeaways for dinner on the way back from a friend’s place.  We decided to try the fairly recently opened Hello Vietnam Restaurant in Riccarton.  If you know the area, its in the new group of shops on Riccarton Road near the corner of the Clyde Road intersection. A trap … Continue reading

Why I want to return to Barcelona …

… because we didn’t try a single one. What a waste!  

On the hunt for decent takeaways – Five Stars Vietnamese Restaurant – Fendalton

It was my 31st birthday (again!  🙂 ) and my choice for takeaways.  I was tempted to go back to My Hanh but in the theme of trying the different options for takeaways in the area decided we should try Five Stars Vietnamese Restaurant in Fendalton.  We have been here before but again it was years … Continue reading

On the hunt for decent takeaways – My Hanh – Upper Riccarton

This time, cats to the vet for their annual jabs so takeaways it is.  Many years ago we were regulars to My Hanh, a Vietnamese restaurant in Upper Riccarton.  If you know the area, it’s just opposite the standalone Countdown in one of the alleys.  It’s actually just along from last weeks choice Spice’n’Life. Due … Continue reading

For the love of … leftovers

Leftovers have such a bad rap!  But let me just say, I LOVE leftovers for the following reasons – Budget friendly Environmentally friendly Time friendly There is IMO, nothing better than knowing I can come home after a long, busy, stressful day at work and simply reheat something cooked previously.  Or at the very least, have the base items ready … Continue reading

Oh whoops… lasagne… forgot an ingredient!

Yum lasagne!  One of my favourite meals! Tonight was a one of the best we’ve ever made AND it was missing one of the main ingredients we usually include – the tomato sauce part!  And it was absolutely delish and super easy! In a frying pan, we sauted garlic, onion, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant.  Normally … Continue reading

Zucchini today … gone to marrow.

In the blink of an eye, the almost ready zucchini’s have turned into something the size of a small torpedo.  Zucchini or courgette if you prefer, sounds appetising.  Marrow … the word sounds like something you’d feed livestock. So what to do with the suckers now they are taking up more than their share of … Continue reading

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