Zucchini today … gone to marrow.

In the blink of an eye, the almost ready zucchini’s have turned into something the size of a small torpedo.  Zucchini or courgette if you prefer, sounds appetising.  Marrow … the word sounds like something you’d feed livestock.

So what to do with the suckers now they are taking up more than their share of fridge space?

The thought of stuffed marrow with mince or vege filling makes me gag.  That’s how my Mum prepared them and she was quite possibly the worst cook in the world… childhood trauma relived.

Last night we cut one into 2cm rounds and removed the seeds, stuff the middle with breadcrumbs mixed with cheese and diced cashews and baked them until they were soft.  Surprisingly tasty!

Lunch today, when the cupboards were pretty bare, made me get creative – well as creative as this awful cook likes to get.

I grated the sole remaining (for now) marrow.  Not a large one by our standards, but I don’t like to brag.  Probably the size of around 3 zucchini.  Then while the pasta was cooking, I slopped a dollop of oil in the frying pan and sauted some garlic.  I crumbled a vege Oxo cube over the top then dumped in the grated marrow.  This mix slowly mashed down over the next 10 or so minutes to almost a puree – stir regularly so it doesn’t stick.

Once done, I mixed it through the pasta and served with grated cheese (recommend parmesan but like I said, the cupboards were bare so frozen, pre-grated cheddar had to do), salt and pepper to taste.

Marrow pasta

Verdict… so good, I’d make it again!  A really quick easy lunch or dinner which would go great with a mixed leafy salad.


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