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Why earth hour is a load of bollocks!

This year, earth hour is 28th March and again we will not be participating.  What a load of bollocks! Last year I wrote a post on why we would not be participating in Earth Hour.  You can read that here. If you are participating this year, ask yourself why? What are you doing for the … Continue reading

This week in Queenstown – a story with pictures (of food and stuff)

So it was back to Queenstown for another week of work and it wasn’t all work and no play.   I’ll skip the work bits and focus on the rest for interests sake.         The following morning, breakfast was again the room and lunch was my reheated leftovers. But I did pop out … Continue reading

Environmentality at Hong Kong Disneyland

There is a very obvious environmental awareness theme going on at Hong Kong Disneyland and no doubt more widely in the Hong Kong community. A number of times at Hong Kong Disneyland, we had to wait in line at the water fountains as locals filled up their reusable water bottles. This is something we always … Continue reading

“Switching off” for earth hour? Not us.

Today I received an email from WWF NZ regarding earth hour this year being on Saturday 29th March.  We won’t be participating. For us, one hour a year is completely pointless.  Instead we aim to do this every hour of every day. From the WWF NZ website – Some ideas to consider! • Go car-free … Continue reading

For the love of … leftovers

Leftovers have such a bad rap!  But let me just say, I LOVE leftovers for the following reasons – Budget friendly Environmentally friendly Time friendly There is IMO, nothing better than knowing I can come home after a long, busy, stressful day at work and simply reheat something cooked previously.  Or at the very least, have the base items ready … Continue reading

A Laos-y Christmas

So never having been a great fan of the whole crap circus that seems to come along with Christmas, this year we decided to go to Laos instead. We politely declined all invites with a “sorry, but we are going on holiday”, while secretly thinking we dodged yet another bullet. So why Laos? Because it’s … Continue reading

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