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Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar (part 3)

The sun finally set and with this comes the end of my blog posts about Myanmar (… probably 😉 ). I hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos, and if you ever get a chance, please do go to Myanmar, its a wonderful place to visit! To see more about our visit to Myanmar, click … Continue reading

Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar (part 2)

The sun was dropping behind the horizon, and as we stood at the top of our stupa we could see the spires of the distant stupas in the distance.   The reds and golds of the sunset glowed against the red brick of the stupas and they were even more beautiful. This for me was … Continue reading

Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar (part 1)

I think its fitting for the last few posts on our trip to Myanmar to be of our sunset visit to a stupa.  I confess I don’t know which stupa we were taken to.  Whichever one it was, had an amazing view from the upper tier over the plain of Bagan, with the thousands of … Continue reading

U Bein Teak Bridge – The world’s longest & oldest Teak Bridge – Amarapura, Myanmar

I’m starting to think Myanmar has a bit of a complex.  A number of places we visited boasted about being The World’s Largest/Longest/Biggest/Heaviest etc.   So not surprisingly the U Bein Teak Bridge near Mandalay is apparently the world’s longest and oldest Teak Bridge.   I’m not sure who they are in competition with?  It’s a long, … Continue reading

Thank Buddha for escalators at Su Taung Pyi Pagoda, Mandalay Hill, Myanmar

At the top of a steep hill overlooking Mandalay is the Su Taung Pyi Pagoda. I have often joked that I wish these places would put in escalators and low and behold, here, they have! Many people, seemed to be walking up the hill to the Pagoda, we got a truck most of the way … Continue reading

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