Welcome to India – please read the rules!

What can I say, I loved visiting India!  It was colourful, exotic, rich in history and the food was amazing!   If you’d like to read more about Rajasthan, check out this blog post.

And as a good law abiding person in a foreign country,  I appreciate clear and concise rules…

This particular place had a whole list of them – in English and Hindi.  There are some brilliant ones on here!  Apologies if its a little hard to read from the photo but my particular favourites are –

PLEASE DO NOT : Pose danger to the sanctity of the monument


THANKS: For retaining counter foils of admission tickets till the visit


I’m not sure exactly what I’d need to do to pose a danger to sanctity of the monument?   And I definitely retained my counter foils…

This sign gave me a mental image of tourists rubbing that tricky itch that you just can’t reach… on the monument.


Another example of Indian-English – I love that they have words we don’t use!


One especially for the ladies… (luckily it is a don’t ask, don’t tell policy)


And you’d better take of your lather and stop chewing pan or other stuff!  For the record, my suggestion as item 7 is to please get one of the 125 million English speakers in your country to proof read your signs 🙂

More rules

And finally, it always comes back to food.  Perhaps you would you like some Potato Waffers from the mini-bar?

Room service

And how about dinner tonight?  Oh boy!  Think I’ll have the Vag Pakora and a Diet Cock!




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