Hong Kong Travel Planning – airport transfers & vegetarian dining

So this weekend I have been doing a little bit more trip planning for our upcoming trip in April to Hong Kong.  My first in this series of blog posts is here.

Quick summary, thus far we have planned two days at Hong Kong Disneyland and two museums that sound interesting – the Hong Kong History Museum and Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence.  We also plan to see the Symphony of Lights Harbour show.  The remaining 5 or so days I haven’t made any plans for yet.

My aim this weekend was to sort out how we get from the airport to our hotel.  We have booked to stay at the YMCA of Hong Kong.  The YMCA has 3 transfer options on their website as to how we get from the airport to the hotel.

1) Door-to-Door coach $HK130 (approximately $NZ20) per adult and takes approximately 45 minutes. The advantage to this is not having to worry about where you are going or getting lost AND its charged to your room at the hotel.

2) Taxi – self explanatory, approximately $HK365 (approximately $NZ57) + $HK5 per luggage item and will take around 30 minutes

3) Airport Rail Express – $HK90 (approximately $NZ14) per adult and then a free shuttle from Kowloon Station.

I’m pretty sure we will be doing option 3.  We are happy navigating a subway/MTR system and Hong Kong is well signposted in English according to what I’m reading.  Should our flight be delayed significantly, we may go with option 2 if we for some reason arrive much later than we anticipate.

It appears we can purchase Octopus cards at the airport (public transport tickets) and from what I’ve read it appears we can get my 65+ Mum a Elder Octopus card, which will give her a significantly discounted rate on the MTR and other public transport such as ferries.  Yay old people!   🙂  I love it when a country looks after the elderly!

Getting back to the airport should be simple, repeat above in reverse order.

So now I have sorted that, onto food.  I’m vegetarian but I’m not picky and I will try anything.  Mum’s an omnivore but tends to be of the “what if I don’t like it?” mentality.   I found Japan was particularly tricky with vegetarian food – there were probably loads of options available but we just couldn’t read or identify items enough to be sure they were animal free – we actually took a fair amount of snacks and “heat’n’eat” meals with us.

For Hong Kong Disneyland, it sounds like there is a vegetarian option on pretty much every menu. Tahitian Terrace in Fantasyland specifically caters to both vegetarians with Indian Thali platters, and Muslim travellers with Malay inspired Halal dishes.  Reviews are generally ok – not fabulous but then like I say, I’m not fussy and at least I can be confident I won’t starve on those two days.

Looking at Happy Cow, there are loads of vegetarian dining options around Hong Kong and I’m sure there are a lot more not listed on their website.  When in doubt, I typically head to the nearest Indian restaurant as its always vegetarian friendly.  I don’t have any definite “must eats” but will be sure to report back on my findings.

Next up in this series will be further attraction and activity planning.  Watch this space!



  1. A city that never sleeps on the eastern side of the globe is what I describe Hong Kong. A place where east meets west for having multitude of races interacting and sharing a single society. Having stayed here for 2 weeks almost, uttering the word “satisfied” is an understatement. The comfort and convenience, gastronomic pleasures, and cultures and traditions say it all.

  2. If you want pictures for the Vegetarian restaurants recommended on Happy Cow, I would recommend openrice dot com (there’s an English version). Vegetarian restaurants are under Dish Search.

    A fair number of customer photos on that site. The reviews are…debatable.

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