Christchurch Airport – yes, you can get a bus to the city!


Recently Christchurch Airport has undergone some amazing changes.  Its gone from an old, worn airport to a bright, airy and modern one, within the space of a few years.  One thing I feel they have let the community and vistors alike down on is the very poorly sign posted city bus stops.

To find the bus stop, you need to exit the International Arrivals hall at the far end of the building (if you arrive domestically, you can walk either through the building or along the outside) and then pretty much aim straight ahead.  The bus stop is fairly small and non-descript.

There is a map on this website and in terms of location the bus stop is approximately where the words City Bus/Coaches is on the diagram.  You will need to look for the sign that has the timetables on it to indicate the stop.

There are two bus routes that go from the Airport stop – both go via the central city, so if this is where you are headed or you need to change to another route leaving from Central Station, get on either bus.

  • 3 which is Airport to Sumner via Avonhead with the main stops being Avonhead Mall, University of Canterbury, Westfield Riccarton, Central Station (City), Ferrymead Shops and Sumner
  • 29 which is Airport to the Central Station (City) via Fendalton

These buses run from approximately 6.30am until around 11pm weekdays.  You may like to check the MetroInfo website for exact timetable information, as frequency does vary depending on day of the week and time of day.  The buses are usually clean and on time in most cases.  Usually they also have luggage racks for the ones servicing the airport stop.  Drivers are usually happy to assist you find your stop if you are unsure where you are supposed to get off.

The cost of a one way cash fare is $NZ7.50 – drivers do carry change.  Its a cheaper fare (only $NZ2.50) if you have a Metrocard, but unfortunately you can’t buy one of these on the bus.  You can buy them at Central Station and a number of other locations through Christchurch though. If you plan on using the buses even just once and then only use it to get back to the airport, you will break even on the cost of the card.

I hope this helps fellow travellers like myself, who are budget concious and like to save their hard earn dollars while they are on holiday.

Let me know if you have questions, I’d be happy to try to help.


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