Not in my job description…

Sometimes, when doing household chores, I like to pretend I'm a maid in Downton Abbey
Sometimes, when doing household chores, I like to pretend I’m a maid in Downton Abbey

If you are looking for breaking out of gender stereotypes, previously, before switching careers (to IT) he was a librarian and I was the computer tech, and like many couples, we both have full time work outside the home.

But even now, I know a lot of women who work full-time, complain that they still do the majority of the household chores.  Well if you are working the same hours out of home, isn’t it fair that you do the same hours in the home?

I think we have the balance about right at our place.

He does all the work in the garden and all the “handy-man” type things.  If I want something done in the way of repairs, I only have to mutter something about doing it myself and its miraculous how quickly things get done.  I have been known on the odd occasion to mow the lawn or pick up the dog poo, but I’m much happier doing inside chores.

He does 90% of all the cooking.  Simply because he’s a much better cook than me.  But I do all the grocery shopping and the menu is usually of my chosing.  He will say “what’s for dinner?”.  I will give him the options and he will pick the one he wants to cook.  I usually do  kitchen clean up and load/reload the dishwasher.

I arrange pay of the bills.  I schedule and take the furkids to their vet appointments.  I’m the one that feed them their breakfasts and dinners.

I’m the one who keeps our social calendar – answering the “what are we doing this weekend?”  (usually nothing).

I am the one that puts the laundry into washing machine (though he often helps with the hanging/folding of the washing.)  I am usually the one who arranges new household purchases.

I’m the one that ensures we have breakfast and lunches to take to work (from the pantry/fridge/freezer respectively – thank goodness for leftovers).

I organise our holidays.  He just asks how much and when to show up with his passport.  Ask him what itinerary is, and he can probably tell you which country we are going to… maybe.

He usually does the vacuuming and mopping of floors.  I will be the one that does that tidying and putting things back in their places – the little things that don’t notice.

So, perhaps I am the organiser in the home and he is the worker?   But that sounds like I don’t pull my weight.

At the end of the day, does it really matter who does which chores as long as they get done, and no one feels that they are doing more than the other?  A partnership is just that, sharing your lives and sharing your chores.



  1. I really enjoy reading your blog entries and checking out your pictures. Because of this I nominated your blog in the 2014 Liebster Award. If you want to know more about it, please click on the link:
    This is not spam. You can google it first before clicking on the link. I know, I was hesistant when I got the nomination. Thanks and keep on posting!

  2. My husband and I have a good system too. We earn similar amounts and contribute equally to everything financial. I do all the cooking because I’m fussy and a good cook, he does all the washing up, because I hate it and I do all the vacuuming because he hates it. Anything else, we tend to do together, with a glass of wine.

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