Movie Review – FROZEN – so disappointed!


So according to a couple of homophobic morons who obviously have nothing better to do than slam a movie they have never seen, Frozen is pushing a “homosexual agenda” and “pro-bestiality” message.

I read the original article here.  After reading, this I thought to myself, perfect, just the sort of movie for a cold wet Sunday, a lesbian bestiality porn movie.  So boy was I disappointed!

What I got instead was a beautifully animated movie about two sisters who despite their differences love one another and the all too often romance angle took a back step.

Instead of the girl meets boy story line being the main feature, we get sisters saving each other and reconciling their differences.    Romance definitely takes a step back in this one.

No reindeer porn, no full on pashing with the main characters, not a hairy leg or sensible shoe in sight.

Just a bunch of spectacular animation and a catchy soundtrack, much like the early 1990s Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

If you are looking for lesbian action with some reindeer lovin’, you will be sorely disappointed in this movie.

If you are looking for a great Sunday afternoon movie with a cute story about sibling love and appreciating each others differences, this is for you.

And would it be so wrong to show love and affection between two people of the same gender anyway?



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