Grandad’s WWII Diary – Tuesday September 16th 1941 – Thursday September 25th 1941

September 16-25, 1941

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Tuesday 16th September

164th Day

Still on crawl trenches.  Hear bombs landing in distance throughout the day.

Wednesday 17th September

165th Day

Terribly hot day.  On crawl trenches during morning.  No9 played No8 soccer in afternoon.  Got beaten 2-1.

Topper (1937)
Topper (1937)

Thursday 18th September

166th Day

Still striking hard ground. YMCA mobile Cinema showed “Topper” at night.  Great crowd attended.  Lot of the film was cut out through continuous use.

Friday September 19th

167th Day

Tried blasting all crawl trenches at once but not a success.  While over YMCA met Eddie Mulquin.  Wrote at night.

Saturday September 20th

168th Day

Breakfast at 6.30AM.  Another day at sea(?).  Had cold, got excused.  Washed and wrote during day.  On picquet at night.

Sunday September 21st

169th Day

Church parade & inspection of rifles.  Rest of day free.  Continued writing.

Monday September 22nd

170th Day

Up hill again.  Guard on Bren gun for aircraft.  Jerry flew over very high.  Nothing doing.

Tuesday September 23rd

171st Day

Another usual day.  Planes flying over at night.  No bombs.

Wednesday September 24th

172nd Day

Got compressor up to drill holes for mortaring.  Another early night to bed.

Thursday September 25th

173rd Day

Another usual day.   Time getting monotonous.  Planes over low at night but otherwise quiet.

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