Grandad’s WWII Diary – Friday September 26th 1941 – Saturday October 4th 1941

September 26-October 4, 1941

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Friday September 26th

174th Day

Early reveille – breakfast 6AM.  Marched to  south(?) and fired Bren, Tommy & rifles.  Lorries bringing us back to camp.  Early tea.  Paraded at 6PM.  Went in lorries for ten(?) miles then marched back to camp arriving at 9.30PM.

Saturday September 27th

175th Day

Desert manoeuvres – busing(?) & debussing(?) towards coast.  Had swim.  Returning at 3PM – Camp 6PM.  Early to bed.

Sunday September 28th

176th Day

Church parade 8AM.  Practice pack 9.30AM.  Rest of day free.  Flies very annoying.

Monday September 29th

177th Day

??? and travelled in westerly direction.  Digging in weapons for Maoris who had been route marking(?) arrived back at 4PM.  Visited YMCA at night.

Tuesday September 30th

178th Day

Worked on opposite side of escarpment – tank traps. Heat terrible.

Wednesday October 1st

179th Day

Ack-ack sentry on Bren gun.  Sand storm blew up during afternoon.  Everything smothered with dust.  Eased toward night.

Thursday October 2nd

180th Day

Returned to Maoris position.   Camouflaged them.  Back to camp 3PM.  Seven miles march at night.

Friday October 3rd

181st Day

Camouflaged own position in morning.  Desert manoeuvres during afternoon.  Concert at night by YMCA.  Given by Kiwi concert party.  Quite a good show.

Saturday October 4th

182nd Day

Squad drill & manoeuvres in morning.  More manoeuvres in afternoon.  Hot day.  Leaving Alamein tomorrow.

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  1. Oh I can believe that. I have copies of some of my great aunt’s letters and diary and there are many question marks in the transcriptions. You’re doing a great job.

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