Grandad’s WWII Diary – Lance Corporal Matthew Keith Sillars – Grave Photos

In the diary entry for March 14th 1942, my grandfather learnt that his brother, Lance Corporal Matthew Keith Sillars grave was just a short distance away.  So on that day, he visited it and I believe he took these photos on that day.
Keith's Grave 1 Keith's Grave 2 Keith's Grave 3 Keith's Grave 4 Keith's Grave 5 Keith's Grave 6



  1. […] On way to breakfast met R Wilson – told me had seen Keith’s grave the day before.  Got permission to go on salvage trip to Sidi Rezegh and to Keith’s grave.  Made grave as nice as possible with stones.  Has cross at his head with rank – name – number – age – 2NZEF.  Considering state of most you see, grave looked quite neat.  Many Jerry & our tanks destroyed around area.  Must have been a terrific battle ??? when our boys opened corridor to Tobruk.  Collected salvage & returned to camp passing El Adem drome.  Over 20 Iti planes in one heap. Keith was my grandfather’s brother who was killed in action.  For more information on Lance Corporate Matthew Keith Sillars – click here.  Photos of the grave site are here. […]

  2. […] Following on my from post the other day about Jim Wootton, I wanted to share some more photos of Matthew Keith Sillars (known as Keith).  Keith was my paternal Grandfather’s brother and unfortunately didn’t survive the war.  He was killed in action on 25 November 1941 and is buried at Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery in Egypt.  I previously wrote about Keith here and shared photos of his grave here. […]

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