Grandad’s WWII Diary – Thursday March 19th – Tuesday March 24th 1942

March 18-24

Click here for diary entry for Saturday March 14th – Wednesday March 18th 1942

Thursday March 19th

Day 347

Routine march to drome in morning.  Saw many destroyed Jerry, Iti & own planes.  Jerry planes over while we were (?) – ack-ack opened up.  Wrote & played cards during afternoon.  South African advance guard arrived.

Friday March 20th

Day 348

Three of our section out on salvage – stayed back in camp.  Digging  on No1 sections ???.  Washed clothes & played cards in afternoon.

Saturday March 21st

Day 349

Marched to outside of perimeter finishing spreading out parapits.  Returned to camp at 10 o’clock showery with dust storm brewing.  Sand storm blew hard most of day – miserable day.  Planes over all day but unable to sight them on account of sand in air.

Sunday March 22nd

Day 350

Early reveille at 6.30AM.  Packed up gear.  Left crib for South A’s.  Moved from El Adem area at 11AM in RMT (Reserve Mechanical Transport?).  Five miles ??? then camped for night.  Blew hard during night.  Terribly cold sleeping in open.  Eight of us pitched up shelter on lee of lorry.  On way to Maadi.

Monday March 23rd

Day 351

 Reveille at 6.30AM. Moved off at 8AM.  Heading eastwards across desert.  Passing Sidi Aziz – wrecks of BHQ (Battalion Headquarters) still standing there.  Terrible windy outside but little sand blowing up but awfully cold.  Pulled through Fort Capuzzo.  Engineers had demolished all buildings except monument.  Camped on perimeter of Fort.  Railway line had reached fort.

Tuesdays March 24th

Day 352

Moved off early in the morning.  Started off then usual waiting. Disappointed not travelling through…

Click here for diary entry for Tuesday March 24th (cont.) – Monday March 30th 1942



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