Heartbroken – Love and Loss – 1 year on

1 year ago today, I was busy working in Taupo for the weekend.  I rang home as I usually do.  “Hugo died“.  Heartbroken, no other word for it.  😦

That probably was the hardest weekend of work in my life.  It was all I could do to not cry whenever I thought about him.

My precious, loveable boy.  My always upside-down dog.

All he ever wanted was to be held, upside down…  He loved his family, and we adored him.

Our home is empty without him and also Ruby, who is in some of these photos – she died a few short weeks later.

So this is a photo rememberance of my precious baby.

He loved his Grandma
He loved his Grandma
Too good a photo op to miss with the prop
Too good a photo op to miss with the prop

DSCN4323 P1080248 P1080257 P1080258 P1080453 P1130051

I love you Hugo, I miss you always, and you will always be in my heart.



  1. What sweet babies you have! I’m so sorry for the loss – I can’t even imagine. And I love those upside down photos of him. I actually just did a post of all pictures of my upside down dachshunds 🙂 Guess they are all alike!

    • We miss him so much, he was such a special dog, even though he peed on the carpet. He was definitely he most upside down Doglet we have had, the others no where near as much. With Hugo,the minute he stopped, he was upside down.

      • That’s funny about Hugo! And I call my dachshunds doglets too! Never heard anyone else refer to them as such 🙂

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