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Singapore Airlines Vegetarian Dining – Christchurch to Yangon

As we are vegetarian, we always order special meals on long haul flights and Singapore Airlines have a number of options.  For our flights to and from Myanmar, we chose the Asian Indian Vegetarian meal. You have to apply this request to your booking before you travel and if you have a dietary restriction, they have dozens of choices available.


Lunch out of Christchurch

First meal was lunch. Spicy kidney bean curry with mixed steamed vegetables and rice. This also came with a flatbread. The salad was chickpeas and coconut with cucumber on a bed of lettuce, with a French dressing – don’t ask me why the French dressing with an Indian meal… Dessert was gulab jumun (sweet dumplings in a sugar syrup). There was also a dessert service for the entire cabin of Hokey Pokey ice cream (small honey comb pieces in vanilla ice cream) – can you ever have too many desserts? 😉

For interests sake, the main dining option was a Western style Pan roasted chicken with mushroom onion sauce, seasonal vegetables and rosemary garlic potatoes or an Eastern style Nasi Dagang with fish curry – coconut flavoured sticky rice with fish curry.  The appetiser was couscous salad with beef pastrami.

Second meal was a “light meal”, but was much the same again. This time a potato curry and coconut mixed vegetables (sorry for the blurry picture!).


Light meal before arriving in Singapore


Far too many chickpeas and beans for these meals. Typically you get gassy on long flights so this didn’t help… I preferred the salad on this meal to the first one and the fruit salad with yogurt was lovely and seemed fresh.

Overall though, it was a far cry from Indian food – more Indian inspired, and cooked from a recipe that my Gran would have considered exotic. Edible but not great.

Main dining options for this meal were Pan fried fish with a white wine sauce, spinach and potatoes or Braised beef with mixed vegetables and noodles.  Appetiser was a Marinated Prawn Salad and dessert was Mango Mousse cake.   Mum had the fish – It was “ok”.

In complete contrast to the meals out of Christchurch, was the meal served from Singapore to Yangon. Quite simply spectacular. This was amazing! No idea what the rice or potato thing was but it was fab. The chickpea curry was also very tasty. This is what Indian food should be like. The meals out of Christchurch left a lot to be desired when compared to this.


Breakfast served from Singapore to Yangon



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5 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines Vegetarian Dining – Christchurch to Yangon

  1. Woww.. I didnt know what or how they would serve vegetarian food in flight, esp Singapore Airlines. Now I know.. 🙂

    Posted by Cammal aka Brown Boy | January 5, 2015, 9:20 pm
  2. so many choices, so little time 🙂

    Posted by The Sock Mistress | January 13, 2015, 4:40 pm


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