Sharing a room – professionally speaking

The company I work for has a policy about ensuring we have our own individual motel/hotel rooms when working away.  But last weekend’s accommodation shortage in the Wanaka/Queenstown region caused us to break policy, as a workmate and I ended up sharing a two bedroom apartment for the weekend.   I will preface this by stating we were both ok with this from the get-go.

I confess, I am not good at sharing. I like my own space. I have gently declined the option to stay at workmates homes in other cities, preferring to find somewhere suitably economical where I have my own space. I don’t even mind shared bathroom facilities as long as I can be suitably anonymous.

But last weekend we didn’t have any alternate choice.  It was share an apartment or postpone a project.

I did learn a few thing which I will share shortly, but not before I state that the “issues” below are mine and mine alone, they are nothing to do with my colleague who is a very cool, smart, funny guy and it is no way a reflection upon him!

1) toilet etiquette – this is instantly a no dumping zone. Hold until you find an alternative option. It is hard to maintain a respectful professionalism when one of you has just stunk out the apartment. Don’t even think about it.

2) OMG a pubic hair on the bathroom floor.  Is it mine? What if he thinks it’s mine? What if it’s his? Or worse, What if it was the previous room occupants? And ewwwwww….

3) early morning need to pee – usually I don’t see my workmates until I have done the following – got up, peed, showered, dressed and traveled to work. I typically don’t see them while I am still in my nighty, immediately after waking up. I am pretty sure he didn’t want to see me like that either, pre-caffeinated, as I staggered to the bathroom. He may need therapy.

4) not enough room – luckily the unit had a couch as well as chairs – sitting on the couch together in the evening is a little too cosy… I took the couch, he sat on the uncomfortable chair. A respectful, professional distance apart.

We didn’t consciously discuss keeping stuff in our respective rooms but as a good room-mate I also think it’s a good idea to not clutter up shared areas with personal stuff. I am slightly OCD, mess and clutter stresses me out. Similarly the thought of someone knowing what is in my toiletry bag freaks me, out so I left the bare minimum of my stuff in the bathroom.


Likewise you need to leave shared spaces tidy and clean, the bathroom after showering and the kitchen after breakfast.  And do your own dishes – your Mum doesn’t live here.

We also talked about what times each morning the both of us would be having to be at our respective places for work. This helped keep out of each other’s way when using the shared bathroom. It also gave us each time to scatter our body hair around. (Ok I am just kidding about that last bit).

Would I do it again? Maybe. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My self-consciousness and insecurities are my problem. But it entirely depends on the person I would have to share with. It could be fun. It could be very uncomfortable.  I would share with him again, we got on well.  Whether he would say the same, I don’t know and I am too scared to ask. 😉

And more than ever, I realise I am an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.  My bubbly, chatty, work self is completely different to my at home, don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, needing alone time self. I need the space and quiet to recharge.




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