Bigger is ALWAYS better – iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 plus size comparison with the iPhone 4
iPhone 6 plus size comparison with the iPhone 4


I have been dithering for sometime over whether to upgrade my old iPhone 4 for a shiny new iPhone 6.  The problem wasn’t whether I wanted one, or the cost, but which one size to go with?

I had some concerns about the size of the iPhone 6 plus.  Some women had complaints about the shear size of the device being simply too big and requiring two hands to operate.  I was more concerned about fitting it into my pocket of my jeans (seriously).  I even did a pocket test on a both iPhone 6 models belonging to my workmates.

So I had finally settled on getting the iPhone 6.  Only to have another workmate mention he had a brand new, still in box iPhone 6 plus for sale.

So the iPhone 6 plus it is.

And … I love it.  Yes I have to “type” with two hands, but then that was my standard technique on my iPhone 4.

I am loving some of the cool features on the larger screen size.  The preview pane in the mail app is wonderful.   It’s lightning fast too.

I am also liking using the WordPress app on it, it’s actually surprisingly useable and I wrote most of this post on the iPhone 6 plus.

Plus the camera is leaps and bounds ahead of the old 4.

The only downside, as far as I’m concerned, is when taking calls.  I feel like I’m talking to a surfboard.  I guess I’ll get used to it and I use it less for calls than any other function so probably not a biggie for me.

So I am now wondering what took me so flaming long?  I should have upgraded months ago!

And the biggest decision of my life – what cover should I get?  #firstworldproblems



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