Avonhead Park Cemetery – Earthquake Interment Site

4 years and a bit ago, the city of Christchurch was destroyed by an Earthquake.  Just a short walk from where we live is the Earthquake Interment Site at the Avonhead Park Cemetery.

This is the location where the unidentified remains of victims are interred.  Its also a memorial and burial site for those who died as the result of the earthquake including 4 victims who’s remains were never formally identified –  Shawn Lucas, 40, of Christchurch, Rhea Mae Sumalpong, 25, Philippines, Elsa Torres De Frood, 53, Peru, and Valeri Volnov, 41 (Russian-born).  They were all in the CTV building that collapsed and caught fire, killing a total of 115 people.

The plaques have the following text in English, Filipino, Maori, Russian, Spanish and Braille:

Etched in our City’s memory, never to be forgotten. The City of Christchurch

The text on the band reads:

The people of Christchurch will forever remember the unfound victims of the 22 February 2011 Earthquake

As the city rebuilds, I hope that the families of these people who died and those who’s lives changed forever are able to find peace and move on.

Kia Kaha.


IMG_0786 IMG_0791 IMG_0796 IMG_0790  IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794  IMG_0797 


I have posted a handful of times about the Christchurch Earthquake, Christchurch Rocks! Earthquakes … 3 years on, Alice and Celia go walkies in the Red Zone and Never let a natural disaster get you down.  While you are checking these out, also consider reading Do you have a survival kit? We do, and we used it…, it could save your life.


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