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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Frozone's Ice Blast

Frozone’s Ice Blast

Later this year we are going back to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I cannot wait!  Its 3 years since we went and this time we are going with my nephews ages 5 thru 11, the youngest will actually have his 6th birthday while we are there.

One of the things that I suspect they will love is the interactive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park.

This is a “free” game – included with your park admission.  Essentially you sign up to play at a kiosk and they give you a “key” card – literally a card about the size of a trading card with a picture of key on it.  This is specific to your particular game and you can use it on repeat visits to continue where you left off.

They will also give each player a pack of 5 spell trading cards with which to play the game – one pack per player per day.

If you are new to the game you go through a quick tutorial with Merlin from The Sword in the Stone, on how to use your keycard and your spell cards and you are then directed to your first game location within the theme park.  Play locations are based in all of the lands except Tomorrowland.  Game play is based on trying to defeat the villains from taking over the Magic Kingdom with Merlin acting as your mentor and guide.

For each location you are directed to, it is typically a window on a building.  When you step up to the correct location on your map, and activate it using your keycard, a screen comes to life where Merlin explains what is going on.

When the villain appears, you use a combination of any of your spell cards to try to defeat the villain.  The system is clever enough to recognise the cards you are holding up and you see what the effect is on the screen.  So for example, the Rapunzel card whips with her hair and Frozone attacks with ice.

Rapunzel's Hair Whip

Rapunzel’s Hair Whip

I can’t wait to play again! As a geek and “collector”, this appeals to me on number of levels.  Firstly the collectible cards – they are like trading cards with Disney characters and are beautiful.  The cards are number 1-70 but limited edition spell cards have also been issued at events such as the  Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween and Very Merry Christmas parties.

Secondly, its just really cool technology – by detecting the cards and reflecting the specific one(s) you play on the screen.

Thirdly, I just think this is a great way for family and friends to interact together and play the game as a team in the theme park.  It makes a nice change from riding attractions and watching shows and I hope my nephews will like to collect and “trade cards” with me and other family members.

Last time we were there we saw people of all ages and groups of all types playing the game – families with younger and older children, adult groups, individuals, couples and retirees. Its really something that appeals to all ages and I can’t wait to play again.

Lastly, one other thing I haven’t mentioned, is that you can buy a t-shirt (of course you can!) which if you wear when playing, it increases your spell strength.

Rest assured in the fact that I do in fact own one of the t-shirts.  I wear it to work in summer on casual Friday – I think its the ultimate geek shirt.  I like being the Mistress of All Evil 😉

Mistress of All Evil

Mistress of All Evil t-shirt



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4 thoughts on “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

  1. That sounds like so much fun! We went to Disney on California a couple of years ago because we were living on the west coast, but I need to get my kids to the Florida parks sometime. Now that they are getting a little older, I bet the Sorcerer’s game would really appeal to them. Have a great trip!

    Posted by Sarah Angleton | May 16, 2015, 3:24 am
  2. I love going to Magic Kingdom in Florida. I have been there several times but I haven’t been there recently. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of this game. Maybe it is a new thing at the theme park but I can understand how it is fun for the whole family.

    Posted by Constance - Foreign Sanctuary | May 16, 2015, 11:47 am

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