Post Office Bay – Floreana Island, Galapagos

While most people are in the Galapagos purely for wildlife viewing, one of the cool, quirky attractions is Post Office Bay on Floreana Island.  In the 19th century, whalers started leaving letters here, for other whalers or sailors to deliver if they were heading off in the direction the post needed to go.

Nowadays tourists do the same thing by taking letters addressed to their home countries and delivering them by hand or posting them locally.

DSCN5840 DSCN5841 DSCN5842 DSCN5843

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  1. Oh yeah, I remembered this post office. I camped on Floreana ) (near the primary school) for several days. i worked a bit in the recycling center, it was crazy, so old fashioned !! And enjoyed the seascape and the snorkeling of course 🙂

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