Air New Zealand Asian Vegetarian Meals out of LAX

After our amazing meals on our Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to San Francisco earlier this month, I was looking forward to the same on our way home from LAX to Auckland the other night.

Oh what a disappointment!

I hate to say it but these meals were pretty awful.

While in SF we got Indian takeaways from a fairly averagely rated place (on Tripadvisor).  That meal now in hindsight seemed like the height of gourmet Indian cookery compared to these meals served by Air New Zealand.

Dinner was some bland chickpea dish with a spinach pureed thing and rice.  The fruit salad was good.  The lettuce salad was unremarkable.


But the dinner was “good” compared to breakfast – which was truely awful.  Barely cooked carrot mixed with … actually, I have no idea.  Then some mixed vegetable thing and … well I can’t tell you, I just couldn’t eat it.  Again the fruit salad was good.


I love ANZ, I strongly believe they are the best airline around but these meals… yuck… 😦


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