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Disneyland’s 60th Merchandise

One of the things that many Disney fans were excited about was the new merchandise offerings for the Disneyland 60th celebration.  With the diamond anniversary colour scheme of blue and silver, I was keen to see the available goodies to buy.  I love to shop, but I’m completely rubbish at it, and didn’t buy hardly anything, but I figured others might like to see what items were available.

"Glow with the show" ears

“Glow with the show” ears

The “Glow with the Show” ears worked for the new night-time parades and fireworks as well as World of Color. I didn’t actually see these ears obviously in the shops, they were a gift and we had people ask us where we got them. Not sure if they sold out quickly?

One of the other items to buy was a light up paint brush which the children around us had great fun with – it allowed them to change the colours of the ears of those around them.

Diamond Celebration Starbucks Mug (box)

Diamond Celebration Starbucks Mug (box)

And the Diamond Celebration Starbucks Mug itself

And the Diamond Celebration Starbucks mug itself

Display of the Starbucks mugs

Display of the Starbucks mugs

Diamond celebration inspired edibles

Diamond celebration inspired edibles

more yummy treats

more yummy treats

Gourmet chocolate bark

Gourmet chocolate bark

Gourmet chocolates

Gourmet chocolates

And then other assorted items below which you can figure out probably from the photos without needing captions 😉

There was a lot more too that I didn’t photograph including pins, date specific t-shirts, annual passholder speciality items, children’s clothing and more.

thumb_IMG_9697_1024 thumb_IMG_9698_1024 thumb_IMG_9699_1024 thumb_IMG_9700_1024 thumb_IMG_9701_1024 thumb_IMG_9702_1024 thumb_IMG_9703_1024 thumb_IMG_9704_1024 thumb_IMG_9705_1024 thumb_IMG_9706_1024 thumb_IMG_9707_1024 thumb_IMG_9708_1024 thumb_IMG_9709_1024 thumb_IMG_9710_1024 thumb_IMG_9711_1024 thumb_IMG_9712_1024 thumb_IMG_9713_1024 thumb_IMG_9714_1024 thumb_IMG_9715_1024 thumb_IMG_9716_1024 thumb_IMG_9717_1024 thumb_IMG_9718_1024 thumb_IMG_9719_1024 thumb_IMG_9720_1024 thumb_IMG_9721_1024 thumb_IMG_9722_1024 thumb_IMG_9724_1024

As we visited Disney’s Imagineering, at Mickey’s of Glendale, they also had special limited edition pins for the Diamond Celebration such as this one below.

thumb_IMG_4003_1024 thumb_IMG_4004_1024

Happy 60th Birthday Disneyland 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Disneyland’s 60th Merchandise

  1. Aww I so wish I was there. I’ve picked out 20 thinks I’d like to buy!! X

    Posted by booksandbakes1 | July 23, 2015, 7:41 pm

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