Oh the disappointment…

Since moving to Australia we have been enjoying the array of fresh fruits and vegetables at our local produce shops.  In New Zealand, the produce at our local Green Grocers did tend to be more seasonal.

Occasionally we stumble upon some little gem that we haven’t seen or tried before and I’m always tempted.  Today was such a day!

Passing by the common honeydew, the everyday cantaloupes and humdrum watermelons sat these rather drab looking, thick skinned, dark green specimens and the sign above them proudly read  “Exotic Melons”.  For 99 cents, how could I resist?

What wonders would be hidden within that thick mottled green skin?


We resisted until mid afternoon.  Then Robert got out the sacrificial knife and chopping board and hacked it into bite size pieces.

Smelling a bit like a honeydew, and once shed of its skin it looked like honeydew.  I was keen to try this “exotic melon”… well it tasted like … honeydew.

Now I maybe wrong, but doesn’t exotic means curious, unusual, foreign and something to be experienced?  A touch of false advertising I feel in this case as it might as well have been a bloody honeydew in fancy pyjamas.

Should have bought the watermelon… then at least I could have blogged about “Huge Melons”…  😉



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