Royal Caribbean – Hong Kong to Taiwan – Cruise Compass – day 3

This is our daily activities for our third cruise day when we were in port at Keelung, Taiwan.

Cruise Compass for days – onetwofour & five.




  1. I hate cruise ships…

    …Unfortunately these floating hotels seem to be turning up everywhere – ugly, monstrous and completely incongruous, dwarfing the town and spoiling the view of the harbour and the sea front, eleven-deck eyesores resembling a block of 1970s council flats, no style or charm, just a floating unattractive leviathan.

    These loathsome giants spoil everywhere they visit; Santorini has become a crowded nightmare, Dubrovnik is overwhelmed, Venice is sinking under the weight of tens of thousands of people. I dislike these cruise ships not least because they unleash hoards of cruisers swarming from the ship for a quick culture break in between continuous gluttony at the all day, all you can eat on board troughs.

    • If the travellers weren’t coming by cruise ship, they would be doing it by bus – thousands upon thousands of buses like at sites in Egypt and Cambodia at the temples. There are pros and cons for all methods of travel. As for the gluttony, comparing Disney Cruise line with its mostly US guests the amount of food wastage is absolutely appalling vs these recent cruises I did in Asia with mostly Chinese guests, even though the plates were piled high, very little got wasted – the guests for the most part ate everything that went onto their plates.

      I’m in two minds about cruising, it has its place. I have got fed up with small group adventure tours where you spend all day travelling from A to B in a bus with only a couple of hours at each spot.

      • That is the problem with anything organised. Excursions are frustrating because they only give a short taster and generally end up in a restaurant or a store chosen by the tour operator.
        I went to Greece last month. On the island of Mykonos the cruise ships bring in 6,000 people a day and the town is completely overwhelmed and it has been transformed from a traditional village into a designer shopping hell!

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