Royal Caribbean – Hong Kong to Vietnam – Cruise Compass – day 1

Once we got off our 5 day cruise to Taiwan, we immediately got back onboard for a 5 night cruise to Vietnam.  When I say “got back onboard” which isn’t technically correct, Mum never even got off the ship.  Back-to-back cruisers simply go to guest services for new keycards if changing staterooms.

We vacated our inside stateroom after breakfast and hung out on the deck until we could go to our new balcony cabin around 1pm.  I did go as far as the terminal to use the wifi to download a electronic handful of books from my local public library (fabulous service)!

Over the next few days I’ll be posting the Cruise Compasses for our Hong Kong to Vietnam cruise.

Without further ado, day one…


If you missed the Cruise Compasses for the Taiwan cruise, they are here – days one, two, three, four & five.



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