Sand Safari 2017 – Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is always a bustling tourist hotspot at any time of year but during February the Safari Arts Festival always gives it a touch extra fun and whimsy.

Most days I take a walk at lunchtime, and stroll from the office a couple of blocks towards the Cavill Street Mall where during the Arts Festival, there are whimsical balloon sea creatures situated at number of places in the area.

Octopus tentacles on a high rise that wave gently in the breeze, bright tropical fish dangling over the square, and my personal favourite, the enormous squid on the foreshore that move around as if alive in the wind.  There are others still, but I’ll leave you to find these on your own.

Then there are the spectacular sand sculptures.   The first day I walked past while they were setting up, these were simply piles of sand.   Walking past a few days later, these had been transformed into works of art.

My personal favourite being Borobi – the mascot for the Commonwealth Games being held here next year on the Gold Coast.  He’s the Koala type caricature in the photos below whereas the rest are based on myth and legends to do with the ocean.

There is a larger piece that was still being worked on when I went past last week so I’ll take the time this week to go and see how much it has progressed.

The festival ends in about a week’s time but never fear as it appears to be an annual event so there is always next year.  Also, added bonus, these are all easily viewed in public spaces and its a completely free event.



  1. You are so lucky to work here! We visited Brisbane for a week after a long cruise from home. After we toured New Zealand for a month. We didn’t spend more time in Australia because it is so large. Silly, I know. We will be back and this might be the starting point. Beautiful!

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