The hostage situation … (week 1)

Social Distancing and self-isolation, I confess it’s my prefered default mode.  Well obviously without the panic buying and people dying of course.

Even before the Australian government has recommended a full lock-down, our work, like many others has directed staff to work from home for the foreseeable future.  For this, I am extremely grateful.  The situation overseas shows we cannot be complacent about people’s lives.

We planned to use our 2 hours saved per workday when we would normally commute to do some extra exercise, walk the dogs around the neighbourhood (avoiding fellow walkers) and doing chores.  The weekends we will tackle some of those bigger chores we put off… sounds like fun.

90657545_10158127975851692_2105345556355219456_oSaturday 22 March – Day 1

Setup our work from home space and helped a colleague with a few items in preparation ready for Monday.  We did our usual chores around the house including a meal plan focusing on fresh produce since there is plenty of that available.  I ordered Robert’s birthday gift online – gin of course, due to its antiseptic properties (or so he tells me).   I also ordered a large fruit and vegetable box to be delivered on Wednesday.  Ran 4km in 25 mins on the treadmill.  Attended an online poetry reading to support my amazing friend Mel.  Finished watching the Stranger – which I enjoyed but found the ending disappointing.  None of us left the property all day.

Sunday 23 March – Day 2

More chores in the morning, exciting stuff like the weekly steam mopping of the tiled floors.  Washed the two front bedroom windows.  We are also taking the opportunity to become self-sufficient, so my partner cut my hair, with supervision from my Mum.  He did an amazing job.   We had planned to finish cutting the hedge which we started last weekend but it was too hot so postponed that chore.  We walked the dogs around the block – the only time we left the property.

Monday 24 March – Day 3

Used our usual commute time in the morning to walk the doglets.  Then at 7.30am started our work from home at the kitchen table.  This went so much better than I ever would have imagined.  Made use of our tea and lunch breaks to do small chores.  At lunchtime, I put some dried chickpeas into the slow cooker.  These cooked beautifully in 3 hours on high.  Froze 3 containers worth for easy, quick protein sources to add to meals.  The 4th serving we added to our vegetable curry at dinner.  I used the afternoon commute time to swim 1000 strokes on my static swim band in the pool – in the bucketing rain.  Other than the dog walk, didn’t leave the property.

Tuesday 25 March – Day 4

Used our usual commute time in the morning to do some cleanup chores around the house.  I left the house briefly for a short visit to my boss’s home to set up her VPN.  On the way stopped at the local pool shop to get the water tested.  If we get locked down for weeks, we need to make sure the pool won’t make us sick. I also got a loaf of bread from the convenience store – quick in and out.  On our lunch break, we walked the dogs along the road behind our street.  After work during the commute, I ran 4km on the treadmill.

Wednesday 26 March – Day 5

Walked the dogs before work – they don’t know whats hit them, they haven’t had this much exercise in months due to the summer heat and lack of free time on our part.  Used our lunch break to do garden chores – mowed half the lawns then cleaned and filled up the birdbaths.  Our grocery box of fresh fruit and vegetables arrived at the door.  Swam in our pool after work.

Thursday 27 March – Day 6

Used our morning commute time to prep slow cooker lentil bolognese.  This cooked for the morning and was done by lunchtime.  Late morning I dropped Mum for a hospital appointment, returned home and then picked her up again once done.  Lunch break meant the second half of the lawn mowing.  After work, we did a short dog walk and I went to the vet to pick up a new prescription medication for one of our doglets that has bad allergies.   Stocked the freezer with 3 meals of the lentil bolognese and had spaghetti with it tonight.  It was delicious!

Friday 28 March – Day 7

Walked the dogs before work and hardboiled the last two eggs for a lunchtime sandwich filling.  Lunchtime had run out of steam so only got as far as doing a quick top-up the birdbaths.  Ran 4km after work on the treadmill.

Week Summary

So week one down.  Challenges, none – other than a sore lower back due to slouching on my chair.  Solved with being mindful of my posture and will be fixed next week with getting my chair from the office (hopefully).

I loved having the extra 2 hours in the day without the commute.  I also got in more exercise than normal due to having the extra time.  I didn’t feel like I was missing any social interaction since I was speaking to my workmates both on the phone and via Teams chat multiple times a day.

Roll on week 2!


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