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Colours of Rajasthan – forts, palaces and painted elephants

For as long as I can remember, Rajasthan was on my list of places to visit.  I’m not entirely sure why the forts and palaces of this desert region called to me.   I’d read the book The Far Pavilions by MM Kaye and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to that as quite frankly, I … Continue reading

Kuang Si Falls and Free the Bears Sanctuary in Laos

While in Laos we had the opportunity to visit the Save the Bears sanctuary at Tat Kuang Si Park, a protected area near Luang Prabang. Free the Bears is an international charitable organization started by an Australia woman with a goal to rescue bears kept in captivity and rehome them in safe sanctuaries throughout Asia … Continue reading

Safety in a developing country aka close your eyes and pray!

There are many articles on keeping yourself safe when travelling in a developing country but I want share some of the things I have learned about safety from these wonderful places! Things I have learnt about using a motorbike – you can get 3 or sometimes 4 people on one as a woman (and you … Continue reading

Welcome to India – please read the rules!

What can I say, I loved visiting India!  It was colourful, exotic, rich in history and the food was amazing!   If you’d like to read more about Rajasthan, check out this blog post. And as a good law abiding person in a foreign country,  I appreciate clear and concise rules… This particular place had … Continue reading

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