What I gave up in 2020

My favourite shopping destination tends to be the nearest Op Shop (Thrift store) and if they have a 50 cent or dollar rack, even better. But in January 2020, I decided I had enough clothing. Very likely enough to last for the rest of my life – and thats assuming I live to be 100 – on this I am not kidding. Continue reading What I gave up in 2020

Whats wrong with body hair?

What has happened in the last few years that has made any body hair below the neck so unfashionable? Do we blame the Brazilions?   Not the people from Brazil per se, but their namesake that comes from ripping out all the hair on the most sensitive parts of your body with hot wax.    Does this sound like a good idea?  Sure doesn’t to me. I struggle to comprehend why would anyone find the prepubesent look attractive?    I can understand a bit of a trim, so you can stuff your copious amounts of pubes into a bathing suit, … Continue reading Whats wrong with body hair?