Whats wrong with body hair?

What has happened in the last few years that has made any body hair below the neck so unfashionable?

Do we blame the Brazilions?   Not the people from Brazil per se, but their namesake that comes from ripping out all the hair on the most sensitive parts of your body with hot wax.    Does this sound like a good idea?  Sure doesn’t to me.

I struggle to comprehend why would anyone find the prepubesent look attractive?    I can understand a bit of a trim, so you can stuff your copious amounts of pubes into a bathing suit, but to remove the whole lot by the root is beyond comprehension to me.

In some of those magazines that cater to pleasing your man,  they hint at  “men prefer it” and  “its better for when they go down on you” etc.   But as far as I can tell, men don’t care.  They just want you to get your kit off and get into it.

And lets not stop at hairless women!  Why has it suddenly become fashionable for men to be portrayed on TV and magazines with no body hair?

Lets face it, a bloke’s tackle, not matter how gorgeous his face or body, isn’t the most attractive part of a bloke’s anatomy and the fact that it should be hidden in hair, is in most cases, a blessing.

But is this what women really want their men to look like?  Is it what gay men want?  Do men prefer the look and feel of their bodies without hair?

When I think of the men I find attractive, I like the slightly rugged, handsome guy, you know the type, unshaven, casually dressed, bedroom eyes – the redneck dare I say, crossbow carrying kind …  not the man that looks like he’s just walked out of the beauty salon after getting a back’sack’n’crack.

Do we need to have public rally (or perhaps a pubic one would be more appropriate) with placards that read “Save the pubes, don’t shave the pubes” ?

Enlighten me!



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