Running – I’m not fast and it’s not pretty

These runners you see bounding along the street making it look easy – they are freaks.  After two years of running 4km – usually 3 times a week – it has never got easier.   I had visions when I started running of sprinting down the street – the equivalent of a human gazelle… reality not so much. Continue reading Running – I’m not fast and it’s not pretty

Unwedded bliss

You get to a certain point in your life where all your friends are getting married. A seemingly endless stream of hen parties and weddings. So I think I have now come to the next stage in this cycle where my friends are all separating and divorcing. In some cases divorcing before I even knew of a separation. Which makes me wonder why couples in this day and age bother at all. With stats as they are, and no stigma attached to “living in sin”, why do couples bother? Personally, for me, I am anti-marriage. I see no point. In … Continue reading Unwedded bliss

Just one of the guys ?

In this day and age for some reason it still surprises me when gender becomes a topic of conversation. Example from my work Christmas party last night, when I was standing chatting with some of my workmates (who happened to all be male in our little chatting group), another colleague approaches and says “Hi Gentlemen and …” he suddenly was struck by what to call me and came to a grinding halt mid sentance. This sparked a discussion about what options he actually had.   He wanted to acknowledge all of us in the group and didn’t want to specifically … Continue reading Just one of the guys ?

Whats wrong with body hair?

What has happened in the last few years that has made any body hair below the neck so unfashionable? Do we blame the Brazilions?   Not the people from Brazil per se, but their namesake that comes from ripping out all the hair on the most sensitive parts of your body with hot wax.    Does this sound like a good idea?  Sure doesn’t to me. I struggle to comprehend why would anyone find the prepubesent look attractive?    I can understand a bit of a trim, so you can stuff your copious amounts of pubes into a bathing suit, … Continue reading Whats wrong with body hair?