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Really? You don’t say!

In case you can’t read the sign (as I realise the text is a little wibbly) – it says “STAIRS UNDER REPAIR, PLEASE USE RAMP”. Now why didn’t I think of that? (Photo taken at Beenleigh Historic Village a couple of weeks ago). Advertisements

Screaming for a Meme

There is something about this photo I took in Myanmar of this little dog that to me, just screams “caption me”. So what do you think the meme should say? I have created some below and its fun and easy to create one on the memegenerator – so take your best shot and come up with something … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – a handmade birthday card

Its often been said that a sense of humour lasts a lifetime.   Recently(ish) my Mum unearthed this little gem of a handmade card that I created for her 45th birthday.  I would have been about 15 at the time. On the front of the card it reads Happy 45th 21st Birthday Mummy At the … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Tinkerbell, is that you?

Wordless Wednesday – Just stop!

Wordless Wednesday – Coffee with a legal opinion

Wordless Wednesday – Tricksy french words

Wordless Wednesday – Worst Vending Machine ever! No chips, no chocolate!

Wordless Wednesday – Spot the Difference

Wordless Wednesday – Would you like Windows XP with that?

Wordless Wednesday – Having a great holiday…

Wordless Wednesday – I am a warm breeze…

Wordless Wednesday – How hot is the hot sauce?


Wordless Wednesday – How to spot a real Disney geek

Wordless Wednesday – Spot the Difference

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